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 BRC Performance (Curly Q5th)

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PostSubject: BRC Performance (Curly Q5th)   Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:15 pm


Power: 285 HP
Torque: 260 LB-FT
Weight: 2,771 LBS
Class: b/545
Cost: 13,000

Engine & Power
Engine: ka24
Camshafts / Rotors: (Race cams)
Turbocharger/Supercharger: Single turbo(race)

Platform & Handling
Springs & Dampers: Race
Chassis Reinforcement and Roll Cage: Sport
Weight Reduction: Sport

Clutch: race
Differential: Race

Tires & Rims
Tire Compound: Race
Front Tire Width: 245/50R15
Rear Tire Width: 275/45R15
Front Rim Size: stock
Rear Rim Size: stock
Rim Style: Stock

Aero and Appearance (none)
Front Bumper:
Rear Wing:
Rear Bumper:

1,000 Single turbo
3,500 Race turbo
1,600 Race cams

1,500 Race springs
Free Sport weight reduction
900 Sport Roll cage

Free Race diff
1600 Race clutch

Starting money: 30,000
Money spent on mods: 25,100
Money leftover: 4,900
Gamertag: Curly Q5th
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BRC Performance (Curly Q5th)
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