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 Guide to Made Not Manufactured (GTA) *Read First*

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PostSubject: Guide to Made Not Manufactured (GTA) *Read First*   Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:00 pm

***A dollar sign ($) is used as the symbol for MnM currency for role playing purposes, no real money is involved in this forum***

Welcome to Made Not Manufactured! This is a place to build your ride(s) from the ground up using a virtual real world setting! For anyone that's new to the group or doesn't know what it's about, we don't go by the money and/or cars we have in game. You start off with $30,000 "MnM Dollars" and purchase a car with that. You can buy cars from other users, the car lot and/or auctions on the forum, or from the game's autoshow going by the price list on the forum. You make money by joining lobbies and participating in events either on the Facebook page (photo competitions) or here on the forum (Time Attacks and other types of events eventually.) We even have a part price list on the forum for when you upgrade/change the appearance of your ride(s). Every dollar you spend or earn is kept in a bank statement in your garage on the forum so we can see if everything is legit. You will also have a build sheet for your car(s) in your garage. First things first, you need to set up a GTA garage. Do that here - http://madenotmanufactured.forumotion.com/f38-personal-garages-gta-v

When you start up your MnM garage you need to make a bank statement to keep track of any MnM cash you are making or spending. See example below, then copy the code inside the gray box for your own garage.

Bank Statement Example:



[center][b]BANK STATEMENT[/b]

Starting Money - $30,000

Total: $30,000

Total: $30,000


After setting up a bank statement you can buy a car. This can be done through buying a ride off of another member here - http://madenotmanufactured.forumotion.com/f39-the-car-lot, checking out the Bad to the Bone Used Car Lot here - http://madenotmanufactured.forumotion.com/t2502-bad-to-the-bone-used-car-lot or from the Autoshow using the GTA Vehicle Price List here - http://madenotmanufactured.forumotion.com/t2856-gta-5-vehicle-price-list#43101

After Purchasing a ride you need to register it here - http://madenotmanufactured.forumotion.com/t2564-vehicle-registration Then you need to set up a build sheet. See example below and copy the code in the gray box for your garage.

Vehicle Registration Form
Seller: Dealership
Buyer: Username here
Vehicle: Karin Sultan
Price: $22,700


Karin Sultan

Build Sheet for Sultan:



[b]Vehicle Make and Model[/b]

[spoiler=Build Sheet for ____]
Value: Not required

Armor: OEM
Brakes: OEM
Engine: OEM
Suspension: OEM
Transmission: OEM
Turbo: OEM

[b][u]Tires & Rims[/u][/b]
Tire Design: OEM
Tire Enhancements: OEM
Rim Style: OEM


-Front Bumper: OEM
-Rear Bumper: OEM

-Headlight Trim: OEM
-Foglights: OEM
-Roof Scoop: OEM
-Doors: OEM
-RollCage: OEM

-Engine Block: OEM
-Cam Cover: OEM
-Strut Brace: OEM
-Engine Tune: OEM
Exhaust: OEM
Fenders: OEM
Grille: OEM
Hood: OEM
Horn: OEM

-Trim: OEM
-Ornaments: None
-Dash: OEM
-Dials: OEM
-Doors: OEM
-Seats: OEM
-Steering Wheel: OEM
-Light Color: OEM

-Headlights: OEM
-Neon Kits: None

Livery: None
Plates: OEM
-Primary Color: Frost White
-Secondary Color: Frost White
-Trim Color: OEM
Roof: OEM
Skirts: OEM
Spoiler: OEM
Window Tint: OEM

[u][b]Other (Donk/Lowrider/Motorcycle/Options Not Included Above)[/b][/u]

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Guide to Made Not Manufactured (GTA) *Read First*
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