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 The Barn of Anything And Everything

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PostSubject: The Barn of Anything And Everything   The Barn of Anything And Everything Icon_minitimeTue Oct 11, 2016 3:04 pm

A short introduction on who i am and what the end goal is, well i'm Aidas (ELITE MASTERSZ) i like fast cars and unique car, hence the first car was a stunning 68' Opel GT, I used to live in France, in Nice but i got bored and looked for a new challenge Australia came calling. i have a few friends living there but they're boring people bankers and lawyers no interests in cars so who cares about them i don't, at least they told me to come over enjoy the sun the sand and the speed of this beautiful country. So six months later here i am touchdown, Surfers Paradise. The dream here is to build a unique garage of less popular cars or overlooked ones, but don't you worry i will have a 98' Supra under name soon, but until then, classic Euros, beefy Mericas and sliding JDMs. Feel free to ask anything you wanna know.        

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The Barn of Anything And Everything
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