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 The Sidewinder Collective

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PostSubject: The Sidewinder Collective   The Sidewinder Collective Icon_minitimeThu Oct 12, 2017 11:45 pm

The Sidewinder Collective K7itQ2y
Welcome to my humble work space. It all began as a job, well what I mean by that is I am a race car driver. Not just any race car driver, but one that has dominated some of the top events in the Horizon festival and I've made my way back to the states and I've come to tear up some private circuits now. From Australia I gathered enough money to remain comfortable back in the states. Read down to see more on my story and follow my builds.

  It all began at the local auctions, I spent a full day at the event and waited for the rare R32 shell at the very end of the list. The bidding went well, but then suddenly at the end right before it was sold to yours truly the douche beside me overbid the value of the car and ruined it for me. This dude was totally unaware of who he sniped. I was able to sneak around to his car after it sold and crapped in his tailpipe. Damn guy deserved it, especially since he is the most unliked bidder in the community. Always acting like he is better than everyone so I had to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately since his car was engine-less he was unable to to enjoy the scent until he resupplied an adequate engine in it's place, but it was well worth the wait and the explosion of comments all over social media. Oh yeah, he is an "OG" for sure. *ROFL*

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The Sidewinder Collective
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