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 [SPKD] Team Spooky's Last Hoorah

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[SPKD] Team Spooky's Last Hoorah Empty
PostSubject: [SPKD] Team Spooky's Last Hoorah   [SPKD] Team Spooky's Last Hoorah Icon_minitimeTue Jul 17, 2018 9:24 pm

[SPKD] Team Spooky's Last Hoorah EgHnucj

Please post your Gamertag Below before the day of the event, and If you know you'll be busy a the starting time dont worry its only that early so our UK fellows can get in without staying up to 3am.  So if you cant make it at 2pm cst let me know, and the event will last as long as it needs for people to join and have fun.

You have any other question or believe I missed something let me know

- Must have at LEAST 2 participants
- MnM cars in the lobby only
- I will Keep track of all those that come and go, and will post in here later for all participants to claim their $2,000,  however you will want to make sure to grab a screenshot for the Lobby bonus, and make sure to only claim the highest payout, the Standard rules for the lobby bonus still apply
- All participants gamertags must be in the photo
- List of participants should be posted with photo
- You can only claim one lobby every 24ish hours (Flexible. Just don't claim one at 11:59pm and another at 12:01am)

This is how the Pay out will work for the event

Lobby Number Payouts
2 people = $500 +$2,000
3 people = $1,250 +$2,000
4 people = $1,500 +$2,000
5 people = $1,750 +$2,000
6 people = $2,000 +$2,000
7 people = $2,250 +$2,000
8 people = $2,500 +$2,000
9 people = $2,750 +$2,000
10 people = $3,000 +$2,000
11 people = $3,250 +$2,000
12 people = $3,500 +$2,000
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[SPKD] Team Spooky's Last Hoorah
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