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 [tutorial] How to write an article!

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[tutorial] How to write an article! Empty
PostSubject: [tutorial] How to write an article!   [tutorial] How to write an article! Icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 7:23 am

This tutorial will teach anyone the basics on how to write a good news article.

Pars or paragraphs are the fundamental structure to writing any article. A basic article would feature only three pars. These three pars are known as:

The Introduction
Introducing the Characters
Develop the story

A more complex story would feature some quotes/interview notes to give a public perception on the story, creating us a fourth par. The reason that we have these pars in this particular order is because of the 'Inverted Pyramid'. Visually, we use the inverted pyramid to help us understand what the most important information is, compared to the least important. So we use the most important information at the beginning of a story and give additional information at the end.

How to write an introduction
Writing an introduction is simple once you know how.

An MNM drift competition saw (insert name) take the gold, as (he/she) drove to victory at the (full track name) (when it happened, but not the official date)

As you can see, an introduction doesn't have to be a million sentences long, it just has to explain what happened, when it happened, where it happened, why it happened and how it happened.

What - A drift competition
Where - Track name
When - Yesterday or whenever
Why - to name the winner of the tournament
How - hosted by whoever

More to follow....
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[tutorial] How to write an article!
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