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 XCB3X's Speed Shop

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PostSubject: Re: XCB3X's Speed Shop   XCB3X's Speed Shop - Page 4 Icon_minitimeThu Dec 18, 2014 2:33 pm

The American Touge Monster

Been talking with the guys the past few days and I'm on to our new build. Instead of top speed we'll be focusing on handling. So i checked Craigslist and picked up myself a low mileage S2000 with a healthy F20. i payed $14,000 for it, alittle to much but it'll be worth it. I went and picked it up today to take it for a stock form test drive. Shifting at 10000 RPM is nice.

XCB3X's Speed Shop - Page 4 16049042641_2798d6a84a_c

Got it back to the shop and are having the guys go over it with a fine tooth comb to make sure nothings gonna surprise us when we start modding it. I was online talking to a few companies and we've picked up sponsors from Yashio Factory and they'll be supplying us with all our JDM Parts, off to ordering.  

[2 weeks later]

So our order just arrived at the shop today for the S2000 build and all of these are nice, so heres a rundown of what we ordered.
Yashio SPL Coilovers
C-Ser Sway Bars
Project D Rotors and Pads
Yashio Bolt-in Cage
Carbon Dash and switch panel
Advan RGII's wrapped in Advan Neova
A Mix of Yashio/D-Max Aero
Full Amuse Drivetrain

[1 Week Later]

We have most of the parts on, now just to wait till the performance parts come in. We also started on getting it wrapped. Still at the base 247 HP it's still a blast to drive on the canyon roads.

XCB3X's Speed Shop - Page 4 16051314625_878e1ab38a_c

XCB3X's Speed Shop - Page 4 15863869488_2f69fc0b23_c

XCB3X's Speed Shop - Page 4 15431671663_be2eeb5d98_c

This MP4-12C and i were playng around on the mountain section, He'd get me on the straights but my handling was far superior. I could brake later and my nose ha a better turn in. That's all for now till the engine parts come in!

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XCB3X's Speed Shop
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